Butterfield Park District Opposition to Gas Station Development

Those of you who missed our meeting on Thursday, June 20th, missed a number of useful and informative speakers, including Dr. Larry Reiner, Executive Director of the Butterfield Park District. Dr. Reiner spoke in opposition to the proposed development of a large gas station right next to the Butterfield Park District headquarters which also hosts, among other things, the popular community pool and a very successful kindergarten. Dr. Reiner has asked the BHOA to share the attached letter and exhibits with our membership in order to help raise awareness of our opposition to this proposed development. Please download and carefully read the pdfs linked to below, and contact your local representative from the list at the end of the example letter pdf and ask them politely but firmly to oppose the development of this large, dangerous, and unnecessary gas station. You have the option to call or email your representative.

Butterfield Park District Opposition Letter

Butterfield Park District Exhibits

If writing, feel free to use the example letter as a model for your own. It is recommended that you do not copy it exactly, and also use the following keywords and phrases:

– New developments cannot unduly increase traffic congestion
– Nuisance
– Comfort
– Public welfare
– Dangerous
– High risk
– Unnecessary
– Not in the best interest of the community

If you have any further questions, please contact Dr. Reiner at larry@butterfieldpd.com.

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