And the Best Decorated Christmas House Is…

The final judging for the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest is now complete. On the evening of December 22nd, I took a tour of Butterfield, taking photos of all of the houses that have been nominated, plus a few of those that I thought deserved honorable mention. Though there are many good light displays, many more than just the ones that were nominated, several stood out as being exceptional, as follows:

First Place:

2S231 Valley Road: Put together by Michael Hughes, Mike calls this fantastic display the “Hughes Digital Christmas”. By far the most elaborate display to be found in Butterfield, and possibly for miles around, it is computer controlled, synced up with a Christmas music radio show that Mike broadcasts from his own transmitter.

Mike also has a computerized penguin acting as a digital DJ, which actually manages and announces each song. The show is broadcast on 101.5 FM, and you can listen to the music on your FM radio up to two miles away! Many people like to sit outside the house, tune in, and watch the show. Mike also has a donation box, and gives donations to the Lombard Food Pantry, so please give generously.

You can visit the Hughes Digital Christmas Facebook page at and see a variety of pictures and videos. Here is one, featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks singing, “Christmas Don’t Be Late”.

Second Place:

20W416 22nd Street: The Rymarczuks spent a lot of time putting together a very large and elaborate display, so large I could not get a good picture of the whole thing. This is the first house you see when entering our subdivision from the eastern gate, and it makes our subdivision look good. This image only shows part of the entire display.

Third Place:

2S280 Glen Avenue: The Espositos put together this attractive display. Not large, but tasteful, with some unique elements, including a winged bow over the front door. This house was the most nominated.

Many more demand an honorable mention, but I will limit myself to these three:

Honorable Mention:

2S481 Hope Lane: Put together by the Vabalaitis family, this is a nice display complete with Santa riding in a Christmas choo-choo.

21W053 Everest: Another nice display put together by Jeanette Smok, this display offers a blend of older and newer style lights, along with some interesting animated inflatable characters.

2S124 Avondale Ln: One of my favorites, the Bartels have put together a tasteful and attractive Christmas display.

And there were many more, but time limits us from showing many of the excellent displays to be found throughout the subdivision. Perhaps next year, with some more help, we can publish a much more comprehensive listing. Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Doug Elwell, President
Butterfield Homeowners Association