Butterfield Park District Seeking to Acquire Property on Corner of Route 53 and Route 56

The Butterfield Park District, at their regularly scheduled, February, Board of Commissioners Meeting, authorized Executive Director, Dr. Larry Reiner to move forward on the acquisition of the corner property located at Route 53 and Route 56. This property is extremely expensive and Dr. Reiner indicated that it will take a community wide effort in order to acquire this land and develop it in a manner that will best meet the needs of the community and serve the residents and neighbors well. The Board of Commissioners authorized Director Reiner to take appropriate actions that will move the Park District closer to this goal and to work with various potential partners, such as local governments, State Agencies, neighboring corporate interests, Philanthropic Foundations, homeowners/residents, as well as neighbors and guests of the district, in an effort to secure this property and develop it in a cost effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

Larry indicated that he is excited about the prospect of developing this property and he felt that the community is strongly behind the Park District acquiring this property for the future of the community as well as the safety and well-being of all those impacted by its development. “ I’ve met a lot of people throughout this 7 month process and I am pleased to say that (other than Buchanan Energy) ” every single one of them were in favor of us acquiring the land and developing it for the future use of the community”, Reiner said. “While this is going to be a lot of work, I know that we won’t be alone and the community is strongly behind us. Great things can happen when people stay focused and are doing the right thing in the community.” Reiner concluded.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Mark J. Gil at markjgil@sbcglobal.net