Video of the BGA Forum on Consolidating Government now Available Online

If you missed the forum recently held by the Better Government Association (BGA), where they proposed the idea of eliminating township-level government (Butterfield is divided between two townships, Milton Township and York Township), the BGA has posted a video of part of the meeting online.

According to the BGA website, “The BGA hosted an Idea Forum on government consolidation at National Louis University in Lisle, Illinois on Monday, February 24, as part of its efforts to promote the “Smart Streamlining” of government units in Illinois.” (BGA Events: “Smart Streamlining: DuPage County Idea Forum”).

However, attendee Robert Porter, who once served as supervisor of Lemont Township, said that many of these governmental units were purposely created by local residents to provide services that they were not receiving from state, county and city government: “’They were generated by residents and citizens who felt they weren’t getting adequate services from their larger units of government,’ said Porter, adding the larger units are municipalities, counties and the state. ‘These things were almost all driven by referendum,’ he said.” (Robert Sanchez, “Experts discuss government consolidation at Lisle forum,” Daily Herald, February 25, 2014).

The Butterfield Homeowners Association is concerned that this will result in fewer, lower-quality services at higher prices for the people of Butterfield, and encourages our residents to get involved to resist this attempt to eliminate township-level government.

For more information, you can contact the BGA at, and your local townships here:

York Township:

Milton Township:

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