DuPage County Ballot Features Facility Questions

To the homeowners of Butterfield:

As part of our purpose to be an effective body to acquaint homeowners and members in matters which could affect their land value, tax rates, ownership and general welfare, please be advised that tomorrow, Tuesday March 18th, there will be a referendum on a proposal to borrow $35 million to help pay for $100 million in facilities upgrades and renovations to the Glenbard high schools for the voters within District 87. This issue affects all Butterfield homeowners. This includes residents with school age children as well as those without children, since this measure seeks to give the district the authority to spend an additional $35 million on behalf of all property owners in the district.

Please check out the following link to help inform yourself as a registered voter/homeowner/parent as to the possible ramifications of passing or rejecting this particular initiative.


Please note: The Butterfield Homeowners Association does not take any stand on this issue. We are merely acting to ensure that all members are aware of its existence and to encourage your thoughtful consideration of the ramifications to both you as parents and/or as a property tax paying resident.