Free Yamaha Organ to Give Away

We have a Yamaha electronic organ, the D3xx model to give away for free. It is in very good condition, nice and clean, everything works just beautifully. We took good care of it.

Despite the organ being still a beauty, no one in the family plays it now. To put the organ in a better use, we decided to give it away. We hope the organ can find a new home where it can be loved and played often. This give away deal includes a matching wood bench, user manual, and music sheets.

If you are interested in taking our YAMAHA organ, please contact Pauline at (630)932-0027 ASAP. We don’t expect the organ to be available for long.

Whoever wants the organ will have to come by and pick it up. We cannot help on delivery. The organ weighs about 150 pounds with a dimension of 45“x28”x34″.

Thank you for watching and good luck.

Pauline Lee - Organ image 1 - April 2014

Pauline Lee - Organ image 2 - April 2014

Pauline Lee - Organ image 3 - April 2014