And the Best Decorated Christmas House for 2014 Is…

The final judging for the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest 2014 is now complete. On the evening of December 19th, members of the new Best Decorated Christmas House Contest subcommittee took a tour of Butterfield, selecting from scores of very well decorated houses to find the top six best-decorated Christmas houses. Unlike last year there were no second and third prizes, just one big Grand Prize and five Honorable Mentions. Also unlike last year, this year cash prizes are being awarded: $100 for the Grand Prize, and $25 each for the five Honorable Mentions. After a thorough review, the committee came up with the following list of winners:

Grand Prize:

2S231 Valley Road: The winner for the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest two years in a row is Michael Hughes with his amazing “Hughes Digital Christmas”. By far the most elaborate display to be found in Butterfield, and possibly for miles around, it is computer controlled, synced up with a Christmas music radio show that Mike broadcasts from his own transmitter.

Mike also has a computerized penguin acting as a digital DJ, which actually manages and announces each song. The show is broadcast on 101.5 FM, and you can listen to the music on your FM radio up to two miles away! Many people like to sit outside the house, tune in, and watch the show. Mike also has a donation box, and gives donations to the Lombard Food Pantry, so please give generously.

You can visit the Hughes Digital Christmas Facebook page at and see a variety of pictures and videos. Here is one, featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks singing, “Christmas Don’t Be Late”.

Honorable Mentions:

20W416 22nd Street: This amazing display was put together by
Timothy & Marielle Rymarczuk. Sitting at the corner of 22nd and Finley, it makes our neighborhood look extra Christmasy.

2S410 Flamingo Court: This elegant display was brought to us courtesy of Mr. Gjorgji Jorgolli. It’s hard to see, tucked away in Flamingo Court, but well worth the extra side trip.

2S481 Hope Lane: Put together by the Vabalaitis family, this is a nice display complete with Santa riding in a Christmas choo-choo.

2S656 Bob-O-Link Rd: Jeffrey & Linda Steadman put together another elegant display on their attractive gabled home at the top of Bob-O-Link. Like the house on Flamingo Court, you will need to go out of your way to find this one.

2S056 Colonial Lane: Jorgo Xeka’s display on Colonial has lots of lights and some nice reindeer on the front lawn, along with a large tree completely covered with lights.

And there were many more, but time limits us from showing many of the excellent displays to be found throughout the subdivision. Checks are in the mail for all the winners – perhaps you could be next year’s big winner, when the prizes may get even bigger! Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Doug Elwell, President
Butterfield Homeowners Association