And the Best Decorated Christmas House for 2016 Is…

The final judging for the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest 2016 is now complete. On the evening of December 22nd, members of the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest subcommittee took a tour of Butterfield, selecting from scores of very well decorated houses to find the best-decorated Christmas houses. This year we went back to doing first, second and third prizes, with $100 for the best decorated Christmas house, $50 for the second, and $25 for the third. We will also list several Honorable Mentions, but no cash awards will be dispensed for the honorable mentions.

After a thorough review, the committee came up with the following list of winners:

First Prize:

2S268 Ivy Lane: This year’s first prize goes to a new contender: 2S268 Ivy Lane. This unique display met a number of the criteria we were looking for in a prize winner, including especially uniqueness and originality. This display also makes use of the majority of the lawn, rather than being restricted to the front windows and bushes, which made it stand out amongst its competitors. The use of palm trees also made it a unique example of creative design.

Second Prize:

2S481 Hope Lane: This year’s second prize goes to an old favorite: 2S481 Hope Lane. This display also met a number of the criteria we were looking for in a prize winner, especially good organization and good taste. This display, like the one on Ivy, has unique elements, and also covers much of the lawn. The inflatables are well placed and well lit, and the entire design was well planned and executed.

Third Prize:

2S410 Flamingo Court: This year’s third prize goes to another old favorite: 2S410 Flamingo Court. This display covers a larger area than most, and the whole presentation is very pleasant to behold, invoking the quiet magic of Christmas night.

Honorable Mentions:

21W011 Marlborough Lane: This year’s first honorable mention goes to another new contender: 21W011 Marlborough Lane. This display met some of the same criteria met by 21W481 Hope Lane, specifically good placement and tastefulness. More lights is not always better, sometimes less is more. The colors of the lights and the displays also matches well, and the whole layout and choice of displays is more tasteful than most.

21W214 Briarcliff Road: This display on Briarcliff Road has been a consistent favorite over the years, so we have opted to include in our list of honorable mentions this year. If not for the stiff competition, this may have won a prize.

2S656 Bob-O-Link Road: This beautiful house on the top of Bob-O-Link Road has hosted one of the more beautiful displays to be found in the subdivision. With a little more effort, this house could be a close contender for a prize.

21W125 22nd St: Another new contender, 21W125 22nd Street put together a very interesting and fun display with some unique elements, including a flying Santa sleigh and reindeer, and an animated Santa video showing in the upper middle window. Stop by and check it out, its lots of fun.

2S280 Glen Ave: Last but not least, another old favorite comes back to make the honorable mention list. Lots of little details makes this an interesting display to study, including a glowing blue pond on which a tiny elf ice skates (bottom left). Lots of different elements such as a sleigh, a bench, assorted bushes and candy canes make this display unique and special.

And there were many more, but time limits us from showing many of the excellent displays to be found throughout our subdivision. Checks are in the mail for all the winners – perhaps you could be next year’s big winner, when the prizes may get even bigger! Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Doug Elwell, President
Butterfield Homeowners Association