Better Government Association (BGA) Meeting Regarding Consolidating or Eliminating Township Government

Dear neighbors,

We have been made aware of a meeting billed as “Smart Streamlining: Effective Government Consolidation,” a forum to be held at National Louis University’s Public Forum Room in Lisle on February 24, 2014, hosted by Andy Shaw’s Better Government Association (BGA).

Based upon the panel advertised, it is likely that this forum may include a discussion of consolidating or eliminating Township government and the Township road districts that provide road maintenance and safety services to the unincorporated areas of DuPage County (those areas outside of municipalities). Not only are these services essential to the residents of the unincorporated areas, they affect all citizens who use those roads; motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

As an abstract concept, consolidation may be a desirable thing, but only if it accomplishes two goals: better service and lower costs to taxpayers. Township government and Township road districts have consistently provided the most cost efficient, responsive and resident accessible form of government.

As residents, it is imperative that we be informed exactly how these vital services (most recently apparent during this winter’s record snow and cold conditions) are going to be delivered, by whom and at what cost? DuPage County’s resources are at full capacity already. And if consolidation will save taxpayer dollars, the question becomes exactly how much and exactly where will those savings come from?

Let’s all attend this forum and become informed. We deserve answers, not just trendy catchphrases and specious truisms. Join us, won’t you?

Gary Muehlfelt
Milton Township
Highway Commissioner

Milton Township Highway Dept.
23 W 040 Poss St.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 682-4270

Meeting Location:
National Louis University
Public Forum Room
850 N. Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532
Map to National Louis University

Smart Streamlining: Effective Government Consolidation (PDF)