Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, and the tulips, briefly beautiful, have shed their petals. Not to fear, the roses are beginning to bloom, and more color will be returning to our wonderful entrance signs soon.

Our Entrance Signs
I say “our” entrance signs, as the entrance signs and all the landscaping around them were purchased and are currently owned by the Butterfield Homeowners Administration as of August 2022 and remain our property to this day. You have chosen wisely to join us on our journey, as this organization is the one true inheritor of the BHA tradition (and all its assets) that spans all the way back to the beginning of the Butterfield East subdivision’s founding in 1961. There may be other organizations operating in Butterfield, some of whom may be calling themselves the BHA, but ours is the one, and only, BHA.

Tulips Sink Ships
An interesting surprise appeared at our entrance signs this year in the form of tulips that were planted at the 22nd St. and Lloyd Ave. signs. We were surprised as no tulip bulbs were planted back when we upgraded the entrance sign landscaping back in 2022. Tulips only bloom for a couple of weeks and then their petals fall off and all that is left is the stem and branches which are not nearly as attractive and will need to be trimmed, taking time away from other, more important duties. Please contact us at butterfieldhomeownersassoc@gmail.com if you would like us to plant particular flowers or other plants. Don’t do it yourself as not everyone may agree with your choices. We will be planting more perennial flowers at the entrance signs in the next few weeks to make sure we have beautiful color all summer, so please let us know your preferences as soon as possible.

New tulips appeared in the Lloyd Ave. entrance sign landscaping this year, apparently planted there by local volunteers. Though beautiful, they were unauthorized and interfere with the design put together by the professional landscaping firm we hired to make sure the landscaping remains attractive year-round. Tulips only bloom for a couple of weeks and then their petals fall off and all that is left is the stem and branches. As a result, we will need to spend additional time trimming them. If you or someone you know planted the tulips, please let us know at butterfieldhomeownersassoc@gmail.com so we can coordinate our efforts and avoid confusion in future.

Lloyd Entrance Sign Mowing
For the last few years, to save money we have had volunteers mowing the grass around the entrance signs on 22nd St. and Gray Ave. so our entrances can look nice not only due to the upgraded landscaping, but also because of the well-trimmed grass surrounding it. The Lloyd Ave. entrance, however, has not had volunteers doing the mowing, so yours truly, President Doug Elwell, have had to go out and mow it myself. In fact, I did exactly that earlier today.

With the ideal growing conditions created by the rain and cool weather in April and May of this year, more than twice as much rain as last year, the grass around the Lloyd Ave. sign was chest-high in places and looked awful. Prairie grass and weeds were also encroaching so much that not even IDOT’s cursory mowing job was enough to get rid of all of it (nor do I think they tried). In order to avoid this happening in the future, we need volunteers to help make sure the Lloyd entrance sign area is properly mowed from April to November. If you would like to volunteer or know someone who would, please contact us at butterfieldhomeownersassoc@gmail.com

The Next Issue of The DuPage Guardian
The next issue of The DuPage Guardian will be delayed due to scheduling conflicts and will come out in late summer instead of in June as planned. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to read in The Guardian, please send all requests to butterfieldhomeownersassoc@gmail.com

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