Merry Christmas Butterfield East Homeowners!

I would like to thank Doug, our president, for a generous budget to buy new holiday decorations for our entryways.

Thank you to Jean Paprocki for all she does to make our neighborhood a better place to live. In case you don’t know she helps contact new residents with a welcome package, helps judge the Christmas decoration contest and helped put together the reindeer and hang garland at Lloyd and 22nd St. She also attends meetings regularly regarding our subdivision, as we all should. Ernesto, from EAI Landscaping suggested the lovely reindeer. Luis, from Cordial Electric donated money for a stapler to secure the garland at the entryway and will fix the lighting problems.

Doug would like volunteers to keep the entryways clean and maintained, new planting materials when needed and decorated. I have volunteered approximately 14 hours in the last month, shopping for Christmas decorations at numerous stores, returning items, weeding, trimming, raking, disposing of debris found around entryways, hanging lights, decorating and hanging wreaths and garland, organizing IDOT to clean up the area along Butterfield Road & asking for help with the lighting at the entryways on Lloyd and 22nd. There is much more that could be done. Does anyone have other suggestions?

In the future we either need a multitude of volunteers to take down decorations, clean up, add plants and decorations for the seasons and maintain these entryways OR my suggestion is too have ALL residents contribute to the very reasonable $25 annual fee to become a member of the Butterfield Homeowners Association. We could then hire professionals to do this job, and then just enjoy the beautiful entryways.

The BHA board volunteers are interested in maintaining a Beautiful Butterfield, but it won’t happen without them and our other volunteers. So, I’m asking everyone who is not a member to become one now so we can have the budget to properly maintain our entryways professionally. That way we will have the funds to make sure they are exceptional both now and in the future. Any suggestions?

I appreciated the people who stopped and thanked me on numerous occasions as I worked on the entryways. After all, this is our home and probably our biggest investment and I’m sure everyone else wants to be proud of where we live.

Everyone was just mailed a membership renewal card for the Butterfield Homeowners Association. You can now pay online! Just go to and click on the yellow “annual dues” button near the top right of that page. You can use your credit card to securely pay your annual dues online, or PayPal if you have a PayPal account. If paying by check, please make it out for $25 payable to: “Butterfield Homeowners Association” and either mail or bring it to:

Connie Poulos Loos, Vice President
Butterfield Homeowners Association
Attn: Annual Dues
2S071 Colonial Lane
Lombard, IL 60148.

Please do it right now, together we can make a huge difference. Thank you!

~ Sue Dowty