And the Best Decorated Christmas House for 2018 Is…

The final judging for the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest 2018 is now complete. On the evening of December 21st, members of the Best Decorated Christmas House Contest subcommittee took a tour of Butterfield, selecting from scores of very well decorated houses to find the best-decorated Christmas houses. This year we are once again doing first, second and third prizes, with $100 for the best decorated Christmas house, $50 for the second, and $25 for the third. We will also list some Honorable Mentions, but no cash awards will be dispensed for the honorable mentions.

After a thorough review, the committee came up with the following list of winners:

First Prize:

2S231 Valley Road: This year’s first prize goes to an old favorite: 2S231 Valley Road. Mike Hughes’ amazing “Hughes Digital Christmas” is by far the most elaborate display to be found in Butterfield, and possibly for miles around. It is computer controlled, primarily using LED lights that are synced up with a Christmas music radio show that Mike broadcasts from his own transmitter.

Mike also has a computerized penguin acting as a digital DJ, which actually manages and announces each song. The show is broadcast on 101.5 FM, and you can listen to the music on your FM radio up to two miles away! Many people like to sit outside the house, tune in, and watch the show. Mike also has a donation box, and gives donations to the St. John’s Food Pantry, so please give generously.

You can visit the Hughes Digital Christmas Facebook page at and see a variety of pictures and videos. Here is one, featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks singing, “Christmas Don’t Be Late”.

Post by Hughes Digital Christmas.

Mike has won a first prize a couple of times before, so we at the BHA had decided to give others a chance at first prize for the last few years, as otherwise Mike would win every single time. This year, however, the judges decided it was time for Mike to win again, so it is our pleasure to reward Mike Hughes once again with first prize for the best decorated Christmas house in Butterfield.

Second Prize:

21W101 Briarcliff Road: A new entry this year, 21W101 Briarcliff Road has a very attractive combination of elements, tastefully arranged to create a very attractive display. The uniform use of multicolor icicle lights of the same type creates a sense of uniformity, while the addition of a “candy cane lane” adds a playfulness to the scene. The lone Christmas tree on the left stands out well and creates a melancholic loneliness that contrasts well with the energetic presentation of the house. A good choice for one of this year’s winners.

Third Prize:

2S070 Ivy Lane: Another newcomer, 2S070 Ivy Lane also combines a good combination of nicely arranged multicolor icicle lights, along with more traditional multicolored lights adorning the bushes and a wreath, as well as some other interesting features. The addition of a wonderful, inflatable “pirate Santa” ship adds some life and interest to the front of the yard, the addition of which probably took this display over the top into the well-deserved winners category.

Honorable Mentions:

2S214 Valley Road: Across the street from this year’s first prize winner is our first honorable mention, 2S214 Valley Road. The first prize winner last year, 2S214 Valley Road continues to impress with nicely arranged lighting, along with the additional of some colorful characters on the front lawn. More lights and characters and this house could easily win again.

2S656 Bob O Link Road: This house has been an honorable mention winner for several years now, and with some more work, it could easily be a prize winner. This house has always made very attractive use of multicolor string and icicle lights, though it had less this year than previous years. Perhaps the addition of some yard ornaments or some other exceptional elements may take it into the winner’s circle [hint].

21W053 Everest Road: Last but not least is the playful display put up by the nice folks on the top of Everest Road. Easily seen while driving up Lloyd Avenue, this display adds a number of whimsical elements together in a fairly cohesive way. With the addition of light strings or icicle lights on the house, this honorable mention may be a winner next time.

And there were many more, but time limits us from showing many of the excellent displays to be found throughout our subdivision. Checks are in the mail for all the winners – perhaps you could be next year’s big winner, when the prizes may get even bigger! Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Doug Elwell, President
Butterfield Homeowners Association