Welcome to the New BHA!

Hello and welcome to the next generation BHA! This will be the third version of the BHA, much more advanced and capable than the first two, with the potential to become truly great.

The first version of the BHA was founded along with the first houses in the subdivision in 1961. It lasted 18 years, from 1961 to 1979. Version 2 of the BHA, which was recently dissolved, was founded in 1979, replacing the original BHA. This version lasted 43 years, from 1979 to 2022. Version 3 of the BHA, renamed as the Butterfield Homeowners Administration to remain compliant with IRS rules, was founded as a new company in 2022 by President Doug Elwell, who is its President and sole proprietor.

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Changes to the Way We Do Things

As we are no longer a nonprofit, but an entirely separate, privately held company, we will no longer be having regular meetings, votes to make decisions, and bylaws like a nonprofit corporation does as part of its normal processes. Instead, we will be doing ad-hoc one-on-one and small-group meetings, emails, phone calls, and surveys (see link above) to gather feedback from our members on how to improve our products and services. This way we will get more representative and more precise feedback from our members that we were not getting from our meetings, which were typically attended by less than 5% of our total membership.

What’s Next?

Now that the dissolution is complete, we need to figure out, “What kind of company would we like to be?” Right now the new BHA is what is called an LLC, but it does not have to be. If we can get enough qualified people to volunteer, we can create a brand-new nonprofit similar to the old BHA, but compliant with both state and federal laws. It won’t be a true homeowner’s association (and the old BHA was never actually a true HOA, it just called itself one), but it can be a legitimate nonprofit. This is our opportunity to have a fresh start at creating a truly beneficial nonprofit that can provide Butterfield the level of quality of services that it deserves.

Take the Survey!

Please click the link below and take the survey so you can help determine the future of the BHA. If we get enough qualified volunteers, we could get a new nonprofit to replace the old BHA up and running as soon as this summer. Or, perhaps you would prefer to keep it the way it is, where you can simply continue as you are now, paying for others to provide you services, with no need to attend meetings or vote. It’s up to you, and of course the nonprofit requirements of the State of Illinois. Take the survey today and help us determine the future of Butterfield.

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