2015 BHA Board Election Results

The election of the new Butterfield Homeowners Association board for 2015 took place successfully as scheduled at the annual meeting on March 19th, 2015. The election results were as follows:

President: Doug Elwell
Vice President: Connie Poulos Loos
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Open

Much thanks to Gloria Atkins for serving as our excellent Secretary over the past year as we began the BHA’s transition to a professionally managed services organization. Her dedication, passion, and incredible knowledge of the Butterfield subdivision’s history, as well as the rules and bylaws specific to the BHA, have been of enormous value in helping to upgrade the professional standards for the office of Secretary, and she and her husband Norm will remain valuable assets to the BHA as we move onwards and upwards towards the next phase of the BHA’s long and useful lifetime as a not-for-profit organization.

Much thanks also to the stalwart and highly reliable Mr. Bob Garstki, who as our Treasurer for the past year and a half also did yeoman’s work in assimilating, organizing and streamlining the accounts for the BHA. We would have been in a sorry state without Bob’s help, and that is a fact. Both Gloria and Bob are stellar examples of the sort of volunteer worker that the BHA needs to have in order to continue on as an effective services organization.

Unfortunately, as of the date of this writing (3/22/15), no one has stepped up to volunteer to fill their positions, and so they remain open. Connie and myself can divide up the labor for the time being, but in order for us to continue as an effective organization, these positions will need to be filled with similarly dedicated and competent volunteer workers. Otherwise, we will be forced to outsource these positions, which will result in increased costs, with a decrease in the sort of personal service we in Butterfield have come to expect from our homeowner’s association.

At the meeting we also began discussions regarding activity planning for this year, such as the annual picnic, and also one or more other activities we may put on, such as a chili cook-off, barbecue, bake sale, movie nights, and much more. We have the funds and the organizational structure in place to make this happen, all we need now is your ideas and your volunteer time.

So, if you would like to get involved in helping us take the Butterfield Homeowners Association to the next level, whether to fill one of the vacant board roles, or in some other volunteer capacity, please contact me, President Doug Elwell, at 630-627-4845, doug@dougelwell.com